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The Unfortunate Deaths of Jonathan Wild


Being the first volume of the Memoirs of Pascal Bonenfant together with extracts from the diary of Rose Verney

by Stephen Hart

Pickpocket and thief in Georgian London, Pascal Bonenfant just wants to get on with his life, court Rose, the woman he loves, and escape the clutches of crime lord Jonathan Wild. It doesn’t seem too much to ask.

But his best friend Todd succumbs to promises of eternal life at the small cost of bartering his soul to loathsome entities from outside reality. Pascal is torn.

Can he save his friend? Failing that, can he escape with Rose, their lives and sanity intact?

As Jonathan Wild dies, and dies again, the chances look very poor indeed.

Set in the criminal underworld of the early 18th century, The Unfortunate Deaths of Jonathan Wild is a classic tale of the forces of evil reluctantly opposed by the morally ambiguous.

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Cant - A Gentleman's Guide


A Gentleman's Guide to the Language of Rogues in Georgian London

by Stephen Hart

Visiting the Underworld of Georgian London but not sure how to blend in?

Can't tell a clapperdogeon from a running smobbler?

Wouldn't recognise the upright man if he noped your costard with his filchman?

You need this book.

This fascinating guide will teach you all you need to know about the vocabulary of the Rogues of Georgian London and how to function in society at the lowest level.

Along the way you will acquire some much-needed information and advice on how to make false dice; how to pick pockets; how best to rob a man on a horse; and where to find a good cup of coffee at 3:00am in the morning.

An invaluable resource for any gentleman.

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An Account of the Fourteen late Popish Malefactors

by Samuel Smith, Ordinary of Newgate
Edited by Stephen Hart

The Reverend Samuel Smith was the Ordinary (Chaplain) of Newgate Prison from 1676 until 1698. He produced many fascinating accounts of the last days of condemned criminals, usually in pamphlet form but also in booklets like this one.

In 1679 when the booklet was published, anti-Catholic sentiment was at a height in England. All the condemned belong to the Roman Catholic faith. The Anglican Smith attempts with little success to bring them to see the error of their ways before their final hour.

I have added a commentary with some historical background and notes explaining some of the more obscure terms.

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Note: Samuel Smith's account is public domain although my editorial comments are not. You can find a rather poor OCR via Google books or you can read my transcription here