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18th Century Thieves Cant
Transport : Carriages and Carts
DRAGa cart. The drag, is the game of robbing carts, waggons, or carriages, either in town or country, of trunks, bale-goods, or any other property. Done for a drag, signifies convicted for a robbery of the beforementioned nature.1819
FLYA waggon. CANT.1811
JACKa post-chaise.1819
LOCK-UP-CHOVEYa covered cart, in which travelling hawkers convey their goods about the country, and which is secured by a door, lock, and key.1819
RATTLERA coach. Rattle and prad; a coach and horses.1811
RATTLERa Coach.1737
RATTLERa coach.1819
ROTANA coach, cart, or other wheeled carriage.1811
ROTANa Coach, or Waggon, any thing that runs upon Wheels; but prinicipally a Cart.1737
RUMBLE-TUMBLEa stage-coach.1819
SULKYA one-horse chaise or carriage, capable of holding but one person: called by the French a DESOBLIGEANT.1811
TANDEMA two-wheeled chaise, buggy, or noddy, drawn by two horses, one before the other: that is, AT LENGTH.1811
TIM WHISKYA light one--horse chaise without a head.1811
TUMBLERA cart; also a sharper employed to draw in pigeons to game; likewise a posture-master, or rope-dancer. To shove the tumbler, or perhaps tumbril; to-be whipt at the carts tail.1811
TUMBLERa Cart. To shove the Tumbler; To be whipt at the Carts Tail; also one that decoys, or draws others into play; and one that shews Tricks with and without a Hoop.1737
UNICORNA coach drawn by three horses.1811
VARDOa waggon.1819
WEAR A--EA one-horse chaise.1811
YARMOUTH COACHA kind of low two-wheeled cart drawn by one horse, not much unlike an Irish car.1811
YARMOUTH-COACHa sorry slow Cart to ride on, drawn by one Horse.1737
Transport : Ships
ANDREW MILLER'S LUGGERa king's ship or vessel.1819
BUM BOATA boat attending ships to retail greens, drams, &c. commonly rowed by a woman; a kind of floating chandlers shop,1811
DEAD-LOUSEVulgar pronunciation of the Dedalus ship of war.1811
SWIMMERA ship. I shall have a swimmer; a cant phrase used by thieves to signify that they will be sent on board the tender.1811
SWIMMERa guard-ship, or tender; a thief who escapes prosecution, when before a magistrate, on condition of being sent on board the receiving-ship, to serve His Majesty, is said by his palls to be swimmered.1819