Cache-Control: public, max-age=1024000 Phases of the Moon between 1700 and 1849

Phases of the Moon from 1700 to 1849

More for fun than anything else, I have put together tables of phases of the moon in Britain between 1700 and 1849 although I hope the information may be of use to some of my visitors. For anyone researching Georgian period were-wolves (why was George III really locked away?) the information should be invaluable. Check out the Super Moons in particular as a likely time for spotting the furry and four-legged.

I have split the 150 years into five pages of 30 years each. On each page, click on the button indicating a particular year to show/hide the inforimation for that year.


 New Moon
 First Quarter
 Full Moon
 Third Quarter
 Super Moon
 Micro Moon

The orbit of the moon is not completely circular so the distance between the earth and moon varies over time. The apparent size of the moon depends on this distance, the closer the moon is to earth, the larger it appears.

  • Super Moon: a Super Moon is a Full Moon when the Moon is at its closest to the Earth (perigree) - defined as closer than 360,000 kilometres
  • Micro Moon: a Micro Moon is a Full Moon when the Moon is at its furthest from the Earth (apogee) - defined as further than 400,000 kilometres

Example: the Moon Phases in 1703

Jan    1234578910111214151617181920212324252627283031  
Apr   12346789101112141516171819212223242526282930    
May     1235678910111314151617182021222324252728293031 
Jun 12456789101213141516171920212223252627282930      
Jul   1245678911121314151618192021222325262728293031   
Aug      234567910111213141617181920212224252627282930
Sep  12345689101112131516171819202123242526272830     
Oct    1234578910111214151617181920222324252627283031  
Dec  1235678910111314151617181921222324252628293031    

In this 1703 example there are 12 Full Moons of which Wednesday 19th May and Friday 18th June are Super Moons and Sunday 12th December is a Micro Moon.

All information is sourced from There are no agreed definitions for Super or Micro Moons so I have used the ones they provide.