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Eye Ointments.

Take of hogs' lard prepared, four ounces; white wax, two drachms; tutty prepared, one ounce; melt the wax with the lard over a gentle fire, and then sprinkle in the tutty, continually stirring them till the ointment is cold.

This ointment will be more efficacious, and of a better consistence, if two or three drachms of camphor be rubbed up with a little oil, and immediately mixed with it.


Take of camphor, and calamine stone levigated, each six drachms; verdegrise, well prepared, two drachms; hogs' lard and mutton suet prepared, of each two ounces. Rub the camphor well with the powder; afterwards mix in the lard and suet continuing the triture till they be perfectly united.

This ointment has been long in esteem for diseases of the eyes. It ought, however, to be used with caution, when the eyes are much inflamed, or very tender.

William Buchan
Domestic Medicine 2nd edition 1785