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Locatelli's Balsam.

Take of olive oil, one pint; Strasburg turpentine and yellow wax, of each half a pound; red saunders, six drachms. Melt the wax with some part of the oil over a gentle fire; then adding the remaining part of the oil and the turpentine; afterwards mix in the saunders, previously reduced to a powder, and keep them stirring together till the balsam is cold.

This balsam is recommended in erosions of the intestines, the dysentery, haemorrhages, internal bruises, and in some complaints of the breast. Outwardly it is used for healing and cleansing wounds and ulcers. The dose, when taken internally, is from two scruples to two drachms.

William Buchan
Domestic Medicine 2nd edition 1785