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Mercurial Pill.

Take of purified quicksilver and honey, each half an ounce. Rub them together in a mortar, till the globules of mercury are perfectly extinguished; then add, of Castile soap, two drachms, powdered liquorice, or crumbs of bread, a sufficient quantity to give the mass a proper consistence for pills.

When stronger mercurial pills are wanted, the quantity of quicksilver may be doubled.

The dose of these pills is different, according to the intention with which they are given. As an alterant, two or three may be taken daily. To raise a salivation four or five will be necessary.

Equal parts of the above pill and powdered rhubarb made into a mass, with a sufficient quantity of simple syrup, will make a Mercurial purging Pill.

William Buchan
Domestic Medicine 2nd edition 1785