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Mercurial sublimate Pill.

Dissolve fifteen grains of the corrosive sublimate of mercury in two drachms of the saturated solution of crude sal ammoniac, and make it into a paste, in a glass mortar, with a sufficient quantity of the crumb of bread. The mass must be formed into one hundred and twenty pills.

This pill, which is the most agreeable form of exhibiting the sublimate, has been found efficacious, not only in curing the venereal disease, but also in killing and expelling worms, after other powerful medicines had failed. See a paper on this subject in the Edinburgh Physical and Literary Essays, by the ingenious Dr. John Gardener.

For the veneral disease, four of these pills may be taken twice a-day, as an alterant three, and for worms two.

William Buchan
Domestic Medicine 2nd edition 1785