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The vulnerary Balsam.

Take of benzoin, powdered, three ounces; balsam of Peru, two ounces; hepatic aloes, in powder, half an ounce; rectified spirit of wine, two pints. Digest them in a gentle heat for three days, and then strain the balsam.

This balsam, or rather tincture, is applied externally to heal recent wounds and bruises. It is likewise employed internally to remove coughs, asthmas, and other complaints of the breast. It is said to ease the colic, cleanse the kidnies, and to heal internal ulcers, &c.

The dose is from twenty to sixty drops.

This, though a medicine of some value, does not deserve the extravagant encomiums which have been bestowed on it. It has been celebrated under the different names of The Commander's Balsam, Persian Balsam, Balsam of Berne, Wade's Balsam, Friar's Balsam, Jesuit's Drops, Turlington's Drops, &c.

William Buchan
Domestic Medicine 2nd edition 1785